Human Centered Urban Informatics

関本 義秀Sekimoto Laboratory is a laboratory of urban informatics, established in April 2013, as a part of Department of Human and Social Systems of Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo. Then, in December 2020, we participated in the Center for Spatial Information Science as our main task, and are also in charge of the Collaborative Research Institute for Geospatially-enabled Society.

Problems in urban areas all over the world are dynamically changing their situation with time. What can be the useful strategy to deal these complex situations? We believe that the information technology is the only power that could make it possible to share, link and combine various thoughts and powers of people. In other words, anyone can make a change in the world if he/she has an idea of making use of information technology. In this way, we help the improvement of society. Our focus is now on human centered urban informatics, a study that plays an important role in foundation of information infrastructure.

We expect our students to have power to build an issue (no matter how small) and seek for solution on their own, as well as to learn  to cooperate with others. Having originalities in thoughts are welcomed. Since urban social problems are there worldwide, in order to develop international sense of thinking and strategies, all students are expected to present at international conferences more than once a year.

Basically, students (Under-graduate, Master or Doctor) who join the Department of Civil Engineering are admitted to join our lab. Doctor students who belong to the department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies can also do research with us. Moreover, there are some possible ways to join us as a research student/researcher of IIS or CSIS, so please feel free to contact us (sekimoto[at] if you have any interest.