Dhaka Bump Project

Sekimoto Lab. the University of Tokyo.

Part-time worker wanted!
Collecting data of road conditions in Dhaka using Bump Recorder
Yusuke Kinoshita ( yusuke-k@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp )

Observation of the irregularity state of the road surface & speed by Bump Recorder
Bump Recorder is a system service to observe, display, share the irregularity state of the road surface.
(cf. http://bit.ly/1nnECRR)

Crowdsourcing | Bump Recorder App : -free smartphone application, -measuring and uploading data |  Bump Recorder Web : -web page, -display analyzed data (flatness, IRI, bump)

Period: Dec.1, 2014 - Jan.18, 2015 (finish as soon as goal achievement)
The number of participants: First 50 Applicants
Goal: Collecting totally 10,000 kilometers data of roads inside Dhaka City (No payment for the data outside of Dhaka)
  1. Installing Bump Recorder App in your Android smartphone
  2. Collecting data of roads in Dhaka by driving your car using Bump Recorder App
  3. Uploading your collected data to the server of Bump Recorder
Condition: Having an Android smartphone which can collect and upload data using Bump Recorder and having a car and a driver’s license
Payment: 80 TK / 1km (data uploading)
Registration: Fill in the application form at the bottom of this site

<How to collect data by driving your car using Bump Recorder App>

Please put your smartphone on the dashboard of your car

*Please put your smartphone on the dashboard of your car and fix your smartphone vertically or horizontally to the road surface using a smartphone holder or a gel mat (anti-earthquake) commercially available.
Period: Sep.1-30, 2014
Goal: Collecting 500 kilometers data of roads in Dhaka
Result: Collected 607.1 kilometers data of road in Dhaka

Date & Place: 13:30- Nov.30, 2014@BUET
We'll have an information session as follows (Finished !!).
Participation of information session is not obligation for this project.

Project outline (A4 leaflet): PDF
Project detail & Tutorial: PDF
Bump Recorder Website: http://map.bumprecorder.com/

Please feel free to ask yusuke-k@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp !!