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Yang san (doctor course), Ami san (doctor course),  Aayush san (master course) and Santiago san (master course) joined Sekimoto Lab. from this semester!
Dr. Seto and Dr. Lwin will move out of the Sekimoto Lab
Gergelyさん、Soohyunさん、梶原さん、佐藤君の4人が卒業を迎え、オンラインで Farewell Party を行いました!
Four students graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering and we had an online farewell party!
前田特任研究員(研究室OB/UrbanX Technologies代表取締役)のインタビュー記事が、東京大学のUTokyo FOCUS欄(特集記事)に掲載されました
Interview of Project Researcher Maeda's was featured in UTokyo FOCUS!
The kick-off symposium of the Digital Spatial Society of the University of Tokyo (Jan. 14) was successfully finished!
国際会議 IEEE Bigdata で Global Road Damage Detection data challenge 2020 のワークショップを開催しました
Workshop on Global Road Damage Detection Challenge 2020 was held at international conference IEEE BigData
Assoc. Prof. Sekimoto and Dr. Ogawa were appointed to Professor and Assistant Professor at CSIS
Web site of Social Cooperation Program for Digital Smart City Initiative is open!
関本准教授、矢部研究員らによる「携帯電話の位置情報を用いたコロナ禍での行動変容の解析」がNature社のScientific Reportsに掲載されました
A report "Non-Compulsory Measures Sufficiently Reduced Human Mobility in Tokyo during the COVID-19 Epidemic" by Assoc. Prof. Sekimoto and Mr. Yabe was released in "Scientific Reports" of Nature
ADBI, Purdue University and the University of Tokyo held the online workshop on modeling and analysis of resilience of cities facing external shocks
Chen san (doctor course) joined Sekimoto Lab. from this semester!
The research proposal of Dr. Kashiyama won Yayoi Award in IIS!
Three students graduated and Ash won Furuichi Award!
My City Report (MCR)が、総務省「令和2年度版情報通信白書」に掲載されました
My City Report (MCR) was featured in the WHITE PAPER Information and Communications FY2020 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
前田特任研究員が第1回 i-Constructionの推進に関するシンポジウムにて優秀講演賞を受賞しました
Project Researcher Maeda was awarded the excellent presentation prize at the 1st Symposium for the Promotion of i-Construction
Pang特任研究員の強化学習を用いた大規模人流推定に関する研究がTransportation Research Part Cに掲載されました
Project Researcher Pang's paper about people mass movement simulation based on reinforcement learning was published in Transportation Research Part C
The proposal of Project Researcher Maeda, President of UrbanX Technologies, has been selected as IPA Unexplored Advanced Project for FY 2020!
"Digital Susono" project was featured on the U-Tokyo Twitter and the IIS Facebook
An outline of the project proposal system by the Government of Tokyo and researchers in FY 2019 is now released
Project Researcher Maeda's paper was chosen as the top 10% download paper 2018-2019
Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Data Platform 1.0, in which Assoc. Prof. Sekimoto, Dr. Seto and Project Researcher Shibata provided technical cooperation, has been released
Hot Standby Urban Platform "Digital Nanto" and "Nanto City Public Facility Management System" Now Available to the Public
"Digital Susono" which visualizes infrastructure data in three dimensions on a map has been released.
Kobayashi san (doctor course), Naoshima san (doctor course), Ma san (doctor course), Nakamura san (master course) and Sato san (undergraduate) joined Sekimoto Lab. from this semester!
Mr. Sobue successfully graduated!
前田特任研究員、関本准教授が立ち上げたUrbanX Technologiesが、東大IPC 1st Round 第2回支援先に採択されました
UrbanX Technologies launched by Project Researcher Maeda and Associate Professor Sekimoto has been adopted as the second recipient of the University of Tokyo IPC 1st Round
【記者発表】デジタル南砺研究会 第4回開催および「デジタル南砺」プロトタイプ版の発表について
The 4th meeting of digital city workshop will be held, and "Digital Nanto" prototype version is announced
矢部協力研究員の論文がJournal of the Royal Society Interfaceに掲載されました!
The paper written by Yabe san was accepted on Journal of the Royal Society Interface!
前田特任研究員、柴田特任研究員がGoogle Sidewalk Labs Toronto、NYで意見交換してきました
Mr. Maeda and Mr. Shibata visited Google Sidewalk Labs Toronto and NY to exchange opinions
Deeksha san joined Sekimoto Lab as an visiting researcher from IIT Roorkee
The kick-off symposium of the “Digital Smart City Initiative” Social Collaboration Research Department, which was set in IIS on November 1st, was successfully finished!
都市計画学会で、関本研主催のワークショップ「都市計画基礎調査情報の活用 と『オープン・バイ・デザイン』に向けて」を行いました
Sekimoto Lab hold workshop "For utilization of city planning basic survey information and Open By Design" in Urban Planning Conference
シカゴでのACM Sigspatial 2019で研究室関係メンバー主催のワークショッ プ” Predict GIS”が無事終わりました
The workshop of our Lab. "Predict GIS" ACM Sigspatial 2019 in Chicago was successfully finished
Assoc. Prof. Sekimoto won prize(academic paper category), and Maeda san won prize(software data category) in 28th GISA Annual Conference
The October issue of statistics and information magazine "Estrera" featured our lab
Maeda san (researcher), Pang san (researcher) and Cai san (master course )joined Sekimoto Lab. from this semester!
Hu san joined Sekimoto Lab as an exchange student from TU Darmstadt
NICT(情報通信研究機構)の委託研究で行っていたMy City Reportの研究課題に 関して、終了時評価でSを頂きました!
We received evaluation S for the research topic of My City Report by NICT!
Seminar of "Asia x ICT" was done in Pakistan, Nepal, and Laos.
Mr. Pang and Ms. Asna successfully graduated!
The partnership agreement of promoting digital Susono city was established, and the 1st meeting of digital Susono city workshop was held
矢部協力研究員が国際学会”NetMob2019”でPoster Competition 2nd Prizeを受賞しました!
Mr. Yabe won Poster Competition 2nd Prize in NetMob2019
Mr.Shibata joined Sekimoto Lab as a project researcher!
The 1st meeting of digital Nanto city workshop was held
【記者発表】デジタル南砺研究会 第1回キックオフミーティングを南砺市役所で開催します
The 1st kick-off meeting of digital Nanto city workshop will be held in Nanto city hall
矢部協力研究員による災害時の避難行動予測に関する論文が国際会議ACM KDDで採択されました
The paper about prediction of disaster evacuation activity by Mr. Yabe was accepted in ACM KDD conferece
IIS Open House 2019 was held
【記者発表】次世代型市民協働プラットフォーム、My City Report コンソーシアムの参加団体を募集します!
We call for participant of "My City Report" consortium
School year 2019 starts. New master course student Mr.Kajiwara joined Sekimoto lab.
瀬戸特任講師のちばレポを分析した論文の画像が国際学会誌のIJGI(International Journal of Geo-Information)最新号の表紙に掲載されました
The paper written by Dr.Seto appeared on the cover of IJGI(International Journal of Geo-Information)
Mr. Yokozawa successfully graduated the Master course!
Dr. Sekimoto Organized the Inspection Tour at Tohoku Disaster Area for the Graduate Students of Dept. of Civil Eng.
Dr. Sekimoto Gave Lecture in NY Office of Univ. Tokyo
Dr. Sekimoto held the seminar in Univ. Purdue and Univ. Cornell
携帯端末データを用いた大規模地震後の人々の避難行動に関する論文が PlosOne (Impact factor: 2.766 in 2018)に掲載されました
The Paper on Evacuation Behavior after Big Earthquake Using Mobile Phone Data was Published in PlosOne (Impact factor: 2.766 in 2018)
東京都の「研究者による事業提案制度」に関して、都民投票を経て採択され、 都庁にて感謝状贈呈式がありました
Tokyo Metropolis Offers Appreciation Letter to our Proposal through citizen vote in "Project Proposal System by Researchers"
公開シンポジウム「統合的都市インフラサービスのための自律的な情報基盤のありかた 〜ポストAI・スマートシティを見据えて」が盛況のうちに終わりました
Public Symposium "On the Future Information Infra for the Integrated Urban Service ~Looking Ahead to Post AI and Smart City~"
シアトルでのIEEE Bigdata2018で研究室主催の”Road Damage Detection & Classification Challenge”が無事終わりました。
The Workshop "Road Damage Detection & Classification Challenge" in IEEE Bigdata2018 at Seattle on 10th Oct. was held by our Lab and successfully finished!
シアトルでのACM Sigspatial 2018で研究室関係メンバー主催のワークショッ プ”Predict GIS”が無事終わりました。
The workshop of our Lab. "Predict GIS" ACM Sigspatial 2018 in Seattle was successfully finished
Dr. Noam David joins our lab. as a visiting researcher
Seminar of "Asia x ICT" was done in Pakistan, Nepal, and Myanmar.
CSIS-S4D 第7回公開シンポジウム「ジオ・データビジュアライゼーションの社会的役割」が開催されました
The 7th symposium of CSIS-S4D "Social importance of geo-data visualization" was held
Four new members join Sekimoto Lab. from this semester!
Four students graduated and Mr.Uttam won Furuichi Award!
小川研究員が国際学会”EnviroInfo”でBest Paper Award (Second Prize)を受賞しました!
Dr. Ogawa won Best Paper Award (Second Prize) in EnviroInfo!
土木学会主催のインフラデータチャレンジキックオフのイベントを駒場リサーチ キャンパスで行いました!
JSCE's "Infra Data Challenge" will start soon and kick-off event was held in Komaba Research Campus!
深層学習を用いた道路損傷抽出に関する論文が、Wiley社の Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (Impact factor: 5.475 in 2017)に掲載されました!
The research on road damage detection was accepted on CACIE
当研究室主催の、IEEE BigData 2018内のBigData Cup Challenge “Road Damage Detection and Classification Challenge”は全世界15ヵ国52チー ムから応募頂きました!
Our Lab. will held "Road Damage Detection and Classification Challenge" in IEEE BigData 2018
My City Forecastに関する論文がElsevier社のComputers, Environment and Urban Systems (Impact factor: 3.725 in 2017)に掲載されました!
The paper on MyCityForecast was accepted on "Computers, Environment and Urban Systems" !
IIS OpenHouse 2018 was finished!
The prototype of electronic delivery system was published
AlexのFairwell Partyを行いました!
We held the farewell party for Alex !
次世代型市民協働プラットフォーム”My City Report”コンソーシアム準備会の 参加団体を募集しています!
We call for participant of "My City Report" consortium
2018年度が始まります。Gergely(D1), Soohyun(D1), 惣田君(M1)が研究室に 加わりました!
School year 2018 starts. Mr. Gergely (D1), Ms. Soohyun (D1) and Mr.Soda (M1) joined Sekimoto lab.
Dr. Fujiwara transfer to Tohoku University!
Dr. Alexander Mráz joins our lab. as a visiting researcher
Asoc.Prof. Sekimoto gave presentation in high-level meeting between Japan and Myanmar
Urban Data Challenge 2017 Final was held
My City Forecastの紹介ムービーを公開しました
An introduction video of My City Forecast is published
Presentation of the final defense for master students was held!
前田君の深層学習を用いた道路損傷の自動検出の論文について、arxivに公開するとともに、Github上に教師画像9,053枚をチュートリアルとセッ トで公開しました。
Paper,data set (9,053 images)and tutorial of road damage detection using deep learning written & made by master student H.Maeda were published on arxiv & Github.
JICA SATREPSプロジェクトの交通ワークショップの様子が ミャンマーの大手テレビ局「MRTV-4」で放映されました
The Workshop "Big Data & Smart City" in YTU was reported by MRTV-4 in Myanmar
樫山助教と博士課程のPangさんのOpenPFLOWに関する論文が Transportation Research Part Cに掲載されるとともに、データセットがGitHub 上に公開されました。
The paper written by Dr.Kashiyama & doctor course student Pang was published in Transportation Research Part C, and the data set is published on GitHub.
The intermediate symposium of Urban Data Challemge 2017 was held in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture
SmartCityExpo2017(バルセロナ)で関本准教授がMy City Forecastの発表しました。
Asoc.Prof. Sekimoto presented My City Forecast in SmartCityExpo2017
国際会議ACM SIGSPATIAL2017(LA)で当研究室メンバーが中心となり、ワークショップ(Predict GIS)を開催しました。また、祖父江君が本会議でポスター 発表をしました。
In ACM SIGSPATIAL2017, a workshop, PredictGIS was held mainly by our lab members and master student Sobue did a poster presentation in main conference.
ACRSでBatranがBest reaseach paper presentation awardを受賞しました。
Master student Batran won best reaseach paper presentation award in ACRS
GIS学会で坂田さん、前田君が優秀発表賞、関本准教授、瀬戸特任講師が学会賞(教育 部門)、瀬戸特任講師が学会賞(著作部門)を受賞しました。
Master student Sakata & H.Maeda won best presentation prize, Assoc. Prof. Sekimoto & Dr.seto won prize(education category), and Dr.seto won prize(literaty work category) in 26th GISA Annual Conference
関本准教授と瀬戸特任講師が講師(客員)を務める、「生活における地理空間情報の活用」(放送大学)のTV放送は今クールは 毎週水曜日の19:00-19:45で、10/4(水)より始まります。
Lectures by Assoc. Prof. Sekimoto and Project Lecturer Dr.Seto at The Open University of Japan start!
We released English version of MyCityForecast and contents of Bali, Indonesia !
Darya san came to Sekimoto Lab from as an intern
Seminar of "Asia x ICT" was done in Myanmar, India and Indonesia.
Master course student Asna san joined Sekimoto Lab !
Yabe san made a presentation in Ubicomp2017.
"Extreme Mapping in Nanto City" was done by lab members
Master student H.Maeda won a research encouragement award in Japan Society of Traffic Engineers
Farewell party for Yabe san, who move to Pardue University was done.
We introduce IIS to high school students
The kick-off of the Urban Data Challenge 2016 was held at IIS, The University of Tokyo.
CSIS-S4D 第3回公開シンポジウム「i-Constructionを通してデータ流通を考える」が開催されました
CSIS-S4D 3rd open symposium, "Thinking about data distribution system considering i-Construction" was held
Peerawit Pukkaewsri君がChiang Mai Universityから短期滞在します。
Peerawit Pukkaewsri kun came to sekimoto lab from Chiang Mai University as an intern!
IIS Open House was held
Announcement of paid plan release of customization function of MyCityForecast
Asutosh Kumar君がインド工科大学Kanpur校から短期滞在します。
Asutosh Kumar kun came to Sekimoto Lab from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur as an intern !
Project lecturer Dr.Fujiwara joined Sekimoto Lab !
Announcement of schedule to start offering MyCityForecast's customization function
次世代ちばレポ “MyCityReport”実証実験、参加自治体の追加募集 (第二次募集)を行います!(締切5/18)
【Deadline May 18th】Additional recruitment (2nd recruitment) of participating local governments for "MyCityReport",the next generation "ChibaReport"
関本准教授と瀬戸特任講師が講師(客員)を務める、「生活における地理空間情報の活用」(放送大学)のTV放送は今クールは 毎週日曜日の19:00-19:45で、4/2(日)より始まります。
Lectures by Associate Professor Dr.Sekimoto and Project Lecturer Dr.Seto at The Open University of Japan start!
School year 2017 starts. New master course student Mr.Yokozawa joined Sekimoto lab.
Project Assistant Professor Dr.Sudo get transferred to Shizuoka University.
Project Lecturer Dr.Seto et.al. published "Theory and Applications of Participatory GIS" (Kokon-shoin)
Demonstration experiment of “MyCityReport” received a lot of media attention.
研究室開発のMyCityForecastについて、総務省ICT地域活性化大賞2016で 奨励賞を頂きました。
“MyCityForecast” won a prize from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
The Final-Session of the Urban Data Challenge 2016 was held at IIS, The University of Tokyo.
Presentation of the final defense for undergraduate students was held!
Presentation of the final defense for master students was held!
Associate Professor Dr.Sekimoto & Chiba city mayor Mr.Kumagai had a joint press conference!
Orange LabのZbigniew Smoreda博士が来日し、D4D(Data for Development)に関する特別講演・意見交換等を行いました。
Dr.Zbigniew Smoreda (Orange lab) came to Japan and made a presentation about D4D(Data for Development)
MCF customizing function was released! & 3 MCF workshops will be held!
SigSpatial2016 @SF was held!
Master student Mr.Yabe won presentation prize in GIS domestic conference!
関本准教授と瀬戸特任講師が講師(客員)を務める、「生活における地理空間情報の活用」(放送大学)のTV放送は今クールは 毎週火曜日の10:30-11:15で、10/4(火)より始まります。
Lectures by Associate Professor Dr.Sekimoto and Project Lecturer Dr.Seto at The Open University of Japan start!
Invitation to the workshop of MyCityForecast!
On 30th September 2016, briefing session of Sekimoto lab seminar for undergraduate students were held.
Welcome to Sekimoto Lab!
Master student Mr.Maeda won the best presenter award at JSCE annual civil information utilization symposium!
次世代ちばレポ “MyCityReport”実証実験、参加自治体募集のお知らせ(締切10/31まで延長!)
Invitation to the demonstration experiment of next generation ChibaReport
M2矢部君が中心となってYahoo! Japan社と取り組んだ「熊本地震での隠れ避難所の推定プロジェクト」が日経産業新聞に掲載されました
"A Framework for Evacuation Hotspot Detection after Large Scale Disasters using Location Data from Smartphones: Case Study of Kumamoto Earthquake" by master student Mr.Yabe and Yahoo! Japan were shown on Nikkei Industrial Newspaper
「熊本地震発生後の隠れ避難所推定プロジェクト」の成果がYahoo! Japanビッグデータレポートに掲載されました
"A Framework for Evacuation Hotspot Detection after Large Scale Disasters using Location Data from Smartphones: Case Study of Kumamoto Earthquake" by master student Mr.Yabe and Yahoo! Japan were shown on Yahoo! Big Data Report
Welcome to Sekimoto Lab!
IIS Open House was held
4 visitors from YTU transportation lab stayed and learned at Sekimoto lab
Master student Maeda won the Best Poster award in Urb-IoT2016, an international conference held in Tokyo, Japan
The Estimation for Human Congestion on The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
瀬戸特任講師へのインタビュー記事が毎日新聞『熊本地震 地図情 報を集めたサイト開設』に掲載されました
Project Lecturer Dr.Seto commented in Mainichi Newspapers
For Graduate School of Civil Engineering Examination Information
The first BC and Welcome party were held!
Welcome to Sekimoto Lab!
Lectures by Associate Professor Dr.Sekimoto at The Open University of Japan start!
Master 2nd year student Ms.Hasegawa had a presentation to city mayor
Undergraduate student Mr.Maeda had a presentation to Chiba city mayor and officers
Master Student Mr. Yabe visited many US universities and research institutes to present his works, funded by the Faculty of Engineering.
TBS『Nスタ3.11震災5年 記憶を未来へ伝える力』に関本准教授と樫山学術研究支援職員が出演しました
Associate Professor Dr.Sekimoto and Lab’s researcher Dr.Kashiyama appeared in TBS program
Project Associate Professor Dr.Nakajo appeared in 9th NHK Data-Navi
The Final-Session of the Urban Data Challenge 2015 was held at IIS, University of Tokyo
Associate professor Dr.Sekimoto and master student Mr.Yabe had presentations respectively at Yahoo Japan Corporation
Mr.Maeda had a presentation of graduation thesis at the defense of the department of Civil Engineering
Project associate professor Dr.Nakajo had a presentation at ISO/TC204 international standardization export meeting.
Ms.Hasegawa won the Furuichi Prize at the final defense for master students of the department of Civil Engineering
Project Researcher Mr.Sudo came back to Japan
Project Associate Professor Dr.Nakajo won the 1st prize at ITS symposium 2015
On 6th November 2015, Associate Professor Dr.Sekimoto had a key note presentation at 199th CVIM(Computer Vision and Image Media) conference.
On 28th October 2015, Associate Professor Dr.Sekimoto had a presentation at long life infrastructure research community(Kajima Corporation)
On 21st October 2015, briefing session of Sekimoto lab seminar for undergraduate students were held.
中條特任准教授がITS World Congress 2015『PR13 Is there a business case for a universal mobility service marketplace?』で招待講演を行いました。
People Flow 1-Day Tutorial was held
Mid-Session of Urban Data Challenge 2015 was held
Mr.Omata joined Sekimoto Lab
Ms.Hasegawa had a presentation on MyCityForecast in a workshop held by Yokohama City
Assoc. Professor held a key note speech in DICOMO2015
Kick-off event of Urban Data Challenge 2015 was held
MyCityForecast が正式公開されました
MyCityForecast is open to public!
London's share-cycle video was introduced in MLIT meeting
For Graduate School Examination Information
Assoc. Professor Sekimoto had a presentation at Japan Society of Applied Maths
2 Students joined Sekimoto lab
Demonstration movie of 2013 heavy snow crisis in Yamanashi is now available at People Flow Project website.
Associate Professor Sekimoto had a presentation a 1-Day seminar of civil engineering
Our work on Shimane prefecture's visitor mobility demonstration was printed in the local press of Chugoku Region
Master Student Hasegawa won silver prize in the application section & Mito city mayor special award in UDC 2014 final stage
Assoc.Prof. Sekimoto joined the joint workshop with Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Authority (AFAD)
Final Defense for Master and Bachelor Students
2/28 アーバンデータチャレンジ2014 ファイナルステージを開催します
Feb.28th Urban Data Challenge 2014 Final Stage!
中條特任准教授が中心的に策定したITS分野における道路の区間ID方式が 国際標準として成立しました
Road Section Identification Dataset was ratified by ISO. Project Assoc. Prof. Nakajyo was involved in the formulation as professional adviser
Press release of G-spatial Data Platform Project was published by Univ. of Tokyo
Part-time worker wanted for Dhaka Bump Project!
学生3名がCSIS DAYS 2014で発表しました
Three of our students presented in CSIS DAYS 2014
Assoc.Prof. Sekimoto won the GIS Conference Award for his leading project "Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Investigation Data Archive"
第23回GIS学会研究発表大会にて、修士学生若生さんが優秀発表者賞、 菅野さん(新領域創成科学研究科)が優秀ポスター賞を受賞しました
Master students Wako and Kanno won student awards in the 23rd GISA Annual Conference
Master student Hasegawa won the Best Poster award in Urb-IoT2014, an international conference held in Rome, Italy
修士学生長谷川さんが交通工学研究発表会で発表を行い、研究奨励賞を受賞し ました
Asoc.Prof. Sekimoto and Master student Hasegawa presented at Japan Society of Traffic Engineers's 34th research presentation meeting, and won a prize for young researchers
Briefing session of our seminar "Solving Problems with Mpbile Phone Services in Asian Countries" was held
Assoc.prof. Sekimoto had a lecture at Open Data Summit held by the LOD challenge committee
関本准教授がアジア開発銀行本部で行われた Transportion Forum 2014で招待講演を行いました
Assoc.Prof. Sekimoto was invited to give a lecture at the Transportation Forum 2014 in ADB headquarter office in Manila
Article about our visit to Kathmandu University was posted on Kathmandu University HP 
One-day tutorial was held by the People Flow Project Team
Prof.Sekimoto held a lecture at Seishin High School
Kick-off event of Urban Data Challenge 2014 was held
IIS Open House 2014 was held
Dr. Kashiyama joined our lab as a Project Academic Support Staff
Mr.Fukushima joined our lab as a a Project Researcher
Two bachelor students joined our lab
関本准教授が日本地震工学会のワークショップ2014で特別講演を行いまし た
Prof. Sekimoto had a special lecture at a workshop of Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
NHK's special TV program "Big data on disastrous occasions" was broadcasted
アーバンデータチャレンジ2013 Finalステージが開催されました 
Final stage of Urban Data Challenge Tokyo 2013 was held and the best ideas were awarded
公開シンポジウム「モバイルデータの社会的な有用性と期待~ビッグデー タ時代の安全なデータ利用に向けて」が開催されました
Symposium on "Social utilization and expectation for mobile data - For safe big data use - " was held
Mrs. Danjo joined our lab as Prof. Sekimoto's secretary
関本准教授がGIS day in 関西で基調講演を行いました
Prof. Sekimoto had a lecture at "GIS day in Kansai 2013"
Prof. Sekimoto had a lecture at a symposium of Architectual Institute of Japan
Shibasaki and Sekimoto lab members exhibited and presented their works in the G-spatial Expo 2013
CSIS-i(corporate-sponsored research program) was awarded for the educational award in the GIS conference 2013
Final workshop of "PREDIMAP", a joint research of research teams from Japane, France and China, was held
JSPS短期外国人研究招聘研究者、Santi講師が 11/5-1/5まで滞在します
Mr. Santi Phithakkitnukoon joins our lab as a JSPS short-term visiting researcher from Open Univ., UK, 11/5 - 1/5
Placed a booth of "People Flow Project" at the 20th ITS world congress
Urban Data Challenge 2013 has now issued the press release of requirements for works
Briefing session of our seminar "Solving social problems of Asian cities with ICT" was held
Prof. Sekimoto had a lecture talk at the seminar of SICE(The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers)
Prof. Sekimoto's interview is on Nikkei BizGate
Sekimoto Lab HP is now open!
Evacuation of people in Rikuzentakata on the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Rikuzentakata, Iwate)
The kickoff event of “Urban Data Challenge Tokyo 2013” is presented in media. Prof. Sekimoto joins the project as executive committee chairman.
Sekimoto Lab is now founded in the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo.